How To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

You may wonder “Why did I pay thousands of dollars for this if it doesn’t drain” whenever you do the dishes in your Samsung dishwasher and it doesn’t drain properly.  We’ll give you step-by-step instructions in this article on how to fix a Samsung dishwasher that won’t drain.

Step 1: Check the Garbage Disposal

Disconnect the dishwasher’s power supply and turn it off first. Then, make sure the waste disposal is not clogged by checking it. If there is any debris, clear it out before trying to run the dishwasher once more to determine if the issue has been resolved.

Step 2: Clean the Air Gap

The air gap is crucial in ensuring that filthy water doesn’t backflow into the dishwasher. By taking off the cover and clearing out any obstructions, you can clean the air gap. Run the dishwasher once more to verify that the issue has been resolved after cleaning the air gap.

Step 3: Check the Drain Hose 

Inspect the drain hose to ensure that it is not kinked or damaged in any way. The hose must be changed if it is damaged. If it’s kinked, try straightening it out before running the dishwasher once more to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Samsung Drain Hose

Step 4: Clean the Filter

The dishwasher may fail to drain correctly due to a filthy filter. The filter should be taken out, carefully cleaned, and then reinstalled. Run the dishwasher once more to verify that the issue has been resolved after cleaning the filter.

Step 5: Check the Drain Pump

After taking the aforementioned actions and the dishwasher still won’t empty, the drain pump might be broken. Remove the dishwasher from its position so you can access the pump to inspect it. Remove any obstructions you find by looking for rubbish. The pump must be changed if it is damaged.

Unclog your Samsung Dishwasher Drain Pump

Step 6: Run a Diagnostic Test

Doing a diagnostic test could be necessary if the dishwasher still won’t drain. To do this, learn how to enter the diagnostic mode by consulting the owner’s manual. Run the test after entering diagnostic mode to find any errors that might be the cause of the issue.

Step 7: Call a Professional

It’s time to call a specialist if none of the aforementioned solutions resolve the issue. An expert appliance repair technician can identify the problem and solve it, guaranteeing that your dishwasher is operating properly.

In conclusion, by following these seven steps, a Samsung dishwasher that won’t drain can be fixed. You can make sure your dishwasher is operating properly by checking the garbage disposal, cleaning the air gap, inspecting the drain hose, cleaning the filter, checking the drain pump, doing a diagnostic test, and calling a professional if all else fails. By following these instructions, you may prevent expensive repairs and prolong the useful life of your dishwasher. Best of luck out there!